Scenes from China: Welcome to Xizhou

Why Travel to Western China and the Yunnan Province? First, let’s get our bearings: (Click image to see it enlarged) Because of its geographic location and history, Yunnan is diverse – ethnically, geographically, and naturally. Cradled by mountains the province enjoys moderate temperatures year round, a long growing season, and biologically diverse landscape. It is […]

Closing Click Away 2015

The amazing Click Away experience came to a close on Saturday, but not before I had some more incredible opportunities to learn and practice taking photos of all kinds. I started the day with an opportunity to try my hand at Boudoir Photography. It is a genre I never thought I would like to try, […]

Click Away Continues…

Day two of the Click Away photo conference provided more training and networking. I started with a macro photography class with Atlanta-based photographer Tiffany Kelly. On our afternoon break a group of us went out toward the Alamo for a little photo excursion… The day ended with another photo walk around the city…

Click Away – Photography Nirvana

My sole purpose in traveling to San Antonio yet again was to attend the second annual ClickinMoms Click Away photography conference. Many of the photographers I have met on my journey have been the direct result of this incredible network. The conference was not only going to be a “who’s who” of instructors, camera product […]

Sandy Oak Olive Orchard

On my way to my photo conference in San Antonio I made a stop at the Sandy Oak Olive Orchard for a photo shoot and some lunch. The small olive grove was beautiful in the afternoon sun, and I enjoyed a wonderful al fresco lunch of fruit and cheese on a patio overlooking the orchard.