Behind yolandagraphy

It all started with a tiny Kodak Instamatic when I was 9…

That, and my dad’s interest in photography and his influence, and old black and whites of my grandparents and parents mounted with photo corners in black-paged albums.

I grew up with Ektachrome, Kodachrome, 110 cassettes, 24 and 36 exposures and the smell of spent flash bulbs. I took pictures of everything, anyone, all the time. I am surrounded with shoe boxes (yes, it’s true!) full of prints and negatives, adhesive backed “magnetic” photo albums, as well as “archival quality” albums, digital media, and redundant back-up systems to protect all those photos, and I hold those images dear to my heart.

Photography freezes time, records history, preserves memories long after cobwebs settle in our minds. It is history, our history, and a treasure we leave the generations to come. A record of the way it was, and how good, bad, ugly…different…it was!

I take pictures for all those reasons, and to record the beauty that is all around us. Precious moments are found in the ordinary bits of life and living, and I invite you to appreciate and preserve the ordinary. One day your children’s children will find it extraordinary!

Truly see your life. Freeze your special moments!

~ Yolanda Santiago White



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